8 months, ear infections, baptisms…oh my!

My house is quiet, finally. It is rare that I am the only one awake and it’s kind of nice. We have had so much going on lately that while I should call it a night (at 8:30) I am enjoying a few minutes of alone time while both girls and the Hubby are sleeping soundly.

A few things have been happening, first off the girls turned 8 months and are changing every day. They have started to babble using consonant sounds which I could listen to all day. They are focused on bababa and Isabelle throws in the occasional na or ma or da. Both girls are sitting up with help. While we have to be the ones to sit them up, they are not immediately toppling over which is exciting! It will be an amazing day when I can sit them down for a second and not have to look for a play mat or bouncy chair. It will be splendid when I can sit them up in the tub for baths at the same time or bring them outside in the pack n play while I get some weeding done.

Isabelle is still sleeping through the night though she occasionally throws in a night where she wakes up screaming as soon as she touches the mattress…those are fun nights…or not. Olivia is still waking up once or twice a night and taking 4-6 ounces before going back to sleep. When will this child go back to sleeping through the night? She was doing it in her rock n play but not since moving to her crib at 6 months. Mama is the only one getting up with her and Mama is tired. Olivia is also starting to roll to her belly in the wee hours of the morning. She will fuss a bit then fall asleep and stay that way until she wakes for the day. I am hoping she is like her sister and will sleep better on her belly- but I am not going to force that- she has to do it on her own time and I still put both girls to bed on their backs.

The girls are enjoying their solids, which we usually have 3 times a day. Breakfast and dinner are with oatmeal and lunch is usually just a fruit or veggie. We are onto stage two combinations and so far the only issue we might have had was a rash under Isabelle’s chin the day she tried avocado…could have been a reaction…or a bug bite. I am leaning towards bug bite reaction but we will hold off on avocados just in case for a bit. That rash brought us to the pediatrician and I casually mentioned that Isabelle hasn’t really shaken this cough since February. It is a once and a while cough, mainly at night. Well, the doctor heard a wheeze on her left lung and off we went to the hospital for a chest X-ray. My poor girl was such a trooper, as was her sister who was in her car seat far longer than anticipated. Long story was made longer because they forgot we were waiting in the kids waiting room for them to let us know if they got all of the shots they needed…so an hour and two screaming kids later I finally went in search of a human and was finally told that there is no visible cause of the wheeze..no pneumonia or foreign body. So that was good news. We are looking at a virus or asthma. I am hoping is it a virus, but we are now prepared with an inhaler just in case. I have used it with her 2-3 times now but really don’t notice a difference.

Fast forward a week and Isabelle came down with  a cold. Her and I spent the night sleeping upright on the couch and off to the doctors we went the next day to be diagnosed with an ear infection. She felt much better after antibiotics were in her system though she is still pretty congested a week later. That was a Thursday. On Friday night, Olivia had a 102 degree fever and was absolutely miserable. By Saturday morning she was a mess and her and I made a trip back to the doctor’s office. Well, she would not be outdone by her sister and had a DOUBLE ear infection. So 2 sick babies and one mama who was trying desperately to get ready for their baptism the next day.

And then there was the Baptism, on the hottest day of the year to date. We set up in the side yard under some shade, had to duct tape our grill which a mouse had attacked the night before- no joke, it was fine the day prior and something chewed through the propane tube that night. I was trying to bake cupcakes for 40 people and clean up and set up and take care of two fussier than normal girls. How we got ready I still don’t know and I am sure it wasn’t perfect.

The church ceremony was disappointing as I didn’t like the deacon’s style or the lack of formality of the ceremony. My SIL, who I really haven’t written about before was driving me nuts and she happens to be a godmother- which was Hubby’s choice. I don’t really trust her to hold the girls on a normal day and now that they are approaching 20 pounds and were wearing silky dresses all I could envision was her dropping the baby. I decided to hold her goddaughter, which did not go over well with her. She pulled the “but I’m the Godmother” to which I replied “and I am her mother”. That was the end of that and I held my daughter for most of the time- but did hand her over for the actual baptizing. I am just not comfortable with her handling my kids and luckily Hubby is on close to the same page with that one.

The girls did so well at church and slept through most of the service and were ready to party when we got home. Everything was very laid back except for my MIL who tried to take over my kitchen then wanted her food set up on the deck (in the sun, where nobody was sitting). My mom had taken the appetizers to the tables in the shade, where the people were- which is what I wanted her to do. Well, MIL wouldn’t hear of it and went to argue with my mom who eventually gave up trying to reason with her and moved her food to the sunny deck. At this point my MIL said something nasty to her in Portuguese. Can I tell you how tired I am of not understanding this language and having her be able to swear at us non Portuguese speaking people without us knowing what she is saying?! I mean it is just rude and childish. If this keeps up I will either not let her speak Portuguese around my kids or my kids just won’t be hanging out with that side of the family very often. I will not expose them to such negativity and plain old meanness. So I am sure that is an argument Hubby and I will keep having over the years…  Other than that, the party was very nice but I am glad it is over and plan to keep future gatherings to immediate family and a few friends.

Finally, I moved out of my classroom last night. Driving to school I was having anxiety that I made the wrong decision and I should have gone back to work. I miss my coworkers, I miss my classroom and I miss having an identity outside of my house. And then I remembered the drama and the stress and the evaluations and testing and behaviors with no consequences and you know what? I’m good. I am going to be able to give my all to my girls and there is no way I could have done that if I went back to this job. I have no idea how so many of my friends at work do it- but they rock in my book.

I am sure I will have a ton of mixed feelings about not returning to teaching and the shift that is taking place inside of myself in the coming months, but today I am at peace…well, I will be at peace once all of these boxes of books and classroom supplies find a place in my attic to be stored. J

Time to Jump

Today is the day…I think…maybe? I got a call last week from the HR department in my school district. They were requesting my intentions for next year in writing. Now. I’m glad I let that one go to voicemail because I would have tripped over my words and I have no idea what I would have said. We have been planning for me to stay home with our girls and leave my position.  We also said we would give it a trial run until the summer and this is cutting it a bit early. Hubby has only been working the OT for a month or so now and is that really long enough to see if our bank account can handle the loss of my income? We definitely aren’t doing any saving yet. It’s been a difficult adjustment to cut costs—for me that is my daily Starbucks.  I am still trying to get a handle on groceries and how to keep that bill under 400 a month. We have to limit our takeout or date nights that include dinners out as well as shopping for fun stuff. I think we can do it, with a huge shift in our mindsets. I think I can focus on providing my babies with an amazing childhood, full of experiences rather than things. It will also be easier on our wallets when the girls are done with formula—that’s a good 100 dollars a week and then there are diapers…should I try cloth to save money? I’m not sure my washing machine can handle that work load since it’s already pretty temperamental and occasionally likes to flood the basement.

Hubby has said to go ahead and resign so that I can move on and stop stressing about it. Having his support is huge! I do worry that he will be miserable working so much overtime (2-3 shifts a week) and that we will never see him.  Keeping quality family time is a top priority and if we are going to seriously be lacking in that department, maybe I should go back to work. But then, when I think about letting someone else raise my babies… I just can’t. These are all of the conflicting thoughts ping ponging around in my head. But I have to pull the trigger one way or the other…this week… probably today. This is why I just text Hubby at work asking for a pep talk. I don’t think we are going to change our minds, but committing to this is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. Giving up my income and the potential to make more as the years go on, Potentially having to go back to square one and find a new job once the girls start school. It’s scary.

I was watching TV after the girls went to bed last night and someone was talking about taking a leap and how it is like standing on the edge of a body of water…it is cold and choppy and dangerous and you are dying to go for a swim but you know that it will be rough and that by the time you reach the other side you will be a different person and that in and of itself scares you. I know that I don’t like change (except in decorating my house) and that I will in fact be a different person when I get to the other side of this ocean. I am giving up being a teacher of other people children, a professional, with coworkers and having an identity outside of my home. I am trading that for being a full time Mommy—watching my children, who we were not sure we would ever have, grow and explore the world. I want a strong connection with them- one that I don’t want them having with a Nanny. I want them to know that they are my top priority and I want to give them my all—not just what I have left over after work. This leap will transform me into someone else and that is scary because I know myself now and I have no idea who  I will be when I look back on my life later on. I hope I can make this work and that I can give them a memorable and happy childhood. I hope that I can raise strong and happy girls who will want to come home to their parents for holidays when they are my age and call me when they have a bad day when they are 40.I hope that they look back on their childhood and smile fondly and remember all of the fun we had, messes we made and traditions that they will carry on. It is the most important job in the world. I hope I am qualified!

It is time to compose my email resigning my position. It is time to jump. Wish me luck.

Why there are snowman sheets on my bed…

I am a huge Christmas lover, always have been. If I could put my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween-I would. So why, you might ask did I just finish putting snowman sheets on my bed in May? It was the last straw in an interesting evening…

Hubby is working so hard so that I can be a stay at home mommy. So today he had training all day and picked up an extra shift from 4 until midnight. Lucky me, I got to see him for a short time in between which really helped to break up what was going to be a very long day!  But before you know it, he had to leave and that left the girls and I to our own devices for the night.

HR called me today and I all but threw the phone across the room to avoid answering! They left a message basically forcing me to make a decision about next school year. They want to know if I intend to come back or not, and need it in writing either way…I wasn’t ready to make a final choice, even though we are pretty sure we know what we are doing…So not I have to call them back eventually. I’ve been told to just say I am returning then resign in August. I am just not okay with that–I don’t like being dishonest and I really want to leave on a good note rather than pissing the higher ups off when they have to replace me in August. So it looks like I will be officially unemployed sooner than I had hoped. I like having the job there just in case. So there was that…

After hubby left we took a nice afternoon drive a few towns over and they took their hour nap. We got home and had a very nice few hours with some oatmeal and sweet potatoes for dinner, some time playing on the floor, we even read a book together with the girls in my lap. Olivia decided she was going to kick butt tonight and stay sitting up after I moved away from her. Such strong girls! So I figured bottles and bedtime would be pretty run of the mill. Olivia hasn’t taken more than 4 ounces at a time all day and this bottle was no different. Isabelle wanted to take five hours to finish hers. 45 minutes after we started, I was carting them off one by one to their cribs. A little bit of fussing and they were out. I ate dinner, tidied up, showered and sat down to enjoy a little me time….then Isabelle started to scream ( she has been doing this lately). I tried to comfort her with a snuggle but ended up making a 2 ounce bottle, which she ate 1/2 an ounce of and fell asleep. I let myself enjoy her cuddles for a bit before bringing her back to bed. 20 minutes later, she was screaming again and this time woke up her sister….

I should mention that I also have a killer of a period this week, my second one since having the girls and man the cramps are a killer.

So now I have 2 crying babies. I decided just to start over…We did diaper changes and 6 ounce bottles. 30 minutes later Olivia was asleep after eating 4 ounces and Isabelle devoured her entire bottle. I tempted fate and moved them from their assigned boppy to their cribs. Ahh peace and qiuet! Time to crawl into bed…except when I went to straighten out the sheets I noticed that the cat had puked all over Hubby’s side…same cat who decided to poop in our closet over the past few months…So do I clean it up and hope he doesn’t notice the stain or dampness or smell? Nope, can’t do it. Gotta change the sheets… I open the closet and find…no sheets…no towels…no linens of any kind…except snowman flannel sheets. Freaking A, I forgot that Hubby is in charge of doing laundry because we need to get the washing machine fixed so I stop flooding the basement… which means he piles up the sheets and towels and non essentials (work tshirts and underwear) and leaves them in the basement next to the washing machine. Screw it, snowman sheets it is! And do you know something? Sliding into those flannel sheets after the evening I had felt so good. I may have to open the window to cool off but I am going to enjoy my nice comfy sheets all by myself until Hubby slides in around 1 AM…I am sure he will be asking why I have flannel on the bed and I will direct him to this post and promptly roll over and fall asleep until a baby wakes up crying again.

7 months and Mother’s Day

Warmer weather has finally arrived as the girls turn 7 months! I am so excited to take them outside and have hubby hang our swing. This is the time of year where life feels more relaxed, that weekends are busier and the girls get to experience their first green leaves and lilacs in the yard! We have had fun introducing the outside world to them! While we have hit the 7 month mark, they are really relating more to their adjusted age of 5 months. They are now rolling from back to belly and an occasional belly to back. We have started baby oatmeal and foods and are on the verge of teething. A quick update on the basics:


Isabelle takes 6 ounces of soy formula every 3 hours

Olivia takes 4-6 ounces of Similac Advance ( we no longer needed the Neosure) every 3 hours. She likes this formula so much better! There is no more fighting her bottle or screaming when we give her a bedtime bottle.

Both girls are taking oatmeal twice a day and fruits and veggies 2-3 times a day. We have tried: Peaches, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, bananas and peas. So far they love their orange veggies and prunes. They are not big fans of peas. Isabelle takes the spoon like a champ while Olivia took several weeks to seem interested in opening her mouth for the spoon. I managed to give her just enough to rule out allergies without pushing her to eat before she was ready. Just this week she has started opening for the spoon.


Isabelle has been sleeping 10-12 hours through the night for a few months now. We feed her, put her down and she promptly rolls to her belly and falls asleep until the next morning. Just in the past 3 days has she started having trouble sleeping. We feed her and put her down, but as soon as she is down she starts screaming, and holy moly that girl can hit pitches that could shatter glasses. She screams and screams until I pick her up and only calms down if I take her to bed with me and snuggle her into my side. She only wants mommy.  She falls right to sleep but I still worry that something will happen if I fall asleep and I don’t want her to only be able to sleep in bed with me. Hubby or I will try to move her back to her room and she will wake up as soon as she touches down. After doing this twice last night and it being midnight, we let her cry for a few minutes while watching her sister for signs of movement. After 5 minutes of screaming she fell asleep. I also think she is starting to teeth, which I’m sure has something to do with it.

Olivia goes to bed pretty easily if she is drowsy enough after her bottle. If she isn’t, I just snuggle her on the couch until her eyelids start to droop and off to bed she goes. Most nights, she gets up between 1 and 5 for a diaper change and 6 ounce bottle then will sleep until 6:30. I can’t wait until she sleeps through the night! Naps have been tricky with her. She usually isn’t ready at the 2 hour mark, when her sister is ready to sleep. This means I never get a break. She fights naps like it’s her job.  It usually goes like this:

Wake up at        6:30

Bottle around    7:00

Oatmeal/fruit    8:00

Sister naps          9-9:30

Bottle                    10:00 this is when she will fall asleep after only an ounce or 2 and sleep for 30-60 min

Run errands       11:00-1- they will sleep in the car for a good hour

Bottle                    1:00

Fruit or Veggie 2:00

Bottle                    4-5:00

Baby food/oatmeal 5:30

Bath/jammies   6:30

Bottle                    7:30

Bed by                  8:00

have tried putting them down to nap with no success… It’s a work in progress.

Things to remember


Likes to hide her eyes with both hands while she eats a bottle

Loves to eat from a spoon

Has started some serious belly laughing! It is hilarious!  She is a very happy baby!

Wakes up babbling to herself in the morning and is good for a good 10-20 minutes on her own.

Was the first to snuggle with mommy in bed—on Mother’s Day Eve- it was magical- there were happy tears.



Has started to scratch anything that is within reach. She likes the feeling of textures.

She also likes to raise her arm up and slam it down when she is eating a bottle.

Has also started pinching and scratching Mommy and Daddy and it hurts!

Discovered screeching and long winded yells.

Laughs a ton more but is still our serious girl

Actually moved across the floor in her walker! I guess I can’t use that as another stationary place to put them anymore!!

Both girls

Love to be in their doorway swing,

Baths have transitioned to the baby tub now that they can sit in the seat part

Hair is finally growing back!!!

Looking forward to:

The girls being able to sit up on their own! It will make getting them dressed in the morning and going outside oh so much easier!!

Less spit up! I am constantly covered, their beds are covered, their play mat, car seats and activity centers are covered. Now that they are eating food…it is colored spit up and peaches stain…

Having time and the brain power to put together more cohesive blog posts. I have a file of partially written posts that just never make it to publication. I have so much to write about, parenting questions and observations that just sit there.

Hubby taking a long weekend for Memorial Day! He picks up lots of OT shifts so that I don’t have to go back to work, so having him home for 3-4 days of family time will feel so good!

Mother’s Day

Finally, we just celebrated my first Mother’s Day with my girls here. Last year, they were in my belly. The girls got me a card, candle, chocolate and a Starbucks gift card! Hubby let me sleep in and made me breakfast! It was a nice morning even though it rained and put a damper on my hopes of a day outside.

We ended up going to Hubby’s grandmother and saw his mom’s side of the family. As always, there was drama…as always I was attacked by the family and as always, Hubby now has to address it with his mom. We were basically accused of keeping the girls from his mother. Never have we said she couldn’t come to see the girls. I just don’t have the energy to chase people and make sure we have filled their quota of baby time per month. It was a nasty accusation, especially the way it was delivered—not from his mother but she was the root of where this idea was born- and that’s all I can say on the matter. It is an ongoing saga that I fear will never end. We seriously have to consider the environment and people we want our daughters to be around. I am very hesitant to continue bringing them to family functions if their parents are constantly being attacked. The negativity is obvious and the profanity from his uncles will become a huge problem as the girls grow up. So Happy Mother’s Day to me. .. Next year will be different. Bottom line was that I spent the day with my little sunshines and my Hubby, who works so hard so that I can be a full time mommy. And that makes my heart full.

As we move into warmer weather, we have beach days and days of exploring outside in our future! This summer holds a bridal shower, 2 weddings, a weekend in Vermont, the girls’ baptism and I am looking forward to it!



Tummy Sleeper

We officially have a belly sleeper and it is 100% freaking this mama out. Bells figured out how to roll from back to belly a few days ago and now there is no stopping her! Unless you put her down totally asleep, she will roll right onto her belly. Most of the time she is fine and turns her head to the side, but I am still checking the monitor five million times a night. The first night she did this I went in and she had a foot stuck between the slats and the mesh bumper I had on. That worried me so out went the mesh bumpers…The next night she had both feet out and was stuck. Hubby figured that if we turn her the opposite way in the crib that she will roll towards the back and we haven’t had a foot out since…but I’m sure once she figures out how to roll the other way we will have a repeat…so what are people doing…mesh bumpers or no? They are supposedly breathable but everything scares me, especially with them in their own room now. Will I hear them if something happens?

The other belly sleeping issue is that there have been a few times where she has not turned her head and she is face planting into the mattress. My heart literally stopped when I saw her like this on the monitor in the middle of the night. I was running in terrified that I had a baby who wasn’t breathing. She just did this during her nap too. I just tilted her head but what if I was asleep? She doesn’t know how to roll back to her back. Trying to turn her back over is pointless because she will just roll right on back. When it came to sleeping on their sides, the doctor told us that if they roll themselves into that position it is fine. I assume the same applies to their belly? Does anyone else have experience with this?

Parenting is full of worry and pride. I was so excited for her when she figured out how to roll until I realized the implications. Olivia rolled herself belly to back today and of course I missed it…again! It was exactly like her first roll from back to belly. I put her down and turned to get her sister and when I turned back, she had turned over. She is even starting to try to scoot herself forward. So we have girls that are thinking about being on the move! Again…so exciting yet terrifying! I can’t wait for them to be able to sit up and play and even explore the world around them once they are mobile.  Now if we could just get some longer and more consistent naps…that would be great!

6 months

We have hit the half year mark! Our twins turned 6 months old last week and we have had quite the month! Temperatures are finally warming up and I have been able to take the girls out shopping, walking and we even spent a bit of time in the cabana on our deck.

Some big accomplishments that have happened here are our first attempts at eating orange foods and the girls big move to their cribs! We got the go ahead from our pediatrician to try baby food and I was pretty surprised when she said that we can try multiple foods and that there isn’t concern about giving each food a few days to ensure there is no allergy. I am still giving each food a few days just in case. The girls started with sweet potatoes! Isabelle took to the spoon pretty well and has only improved as we have added in oatmeal and carrots. She opens up as soon as she feels the spoon and keeps most of the food in. Olivia started off well but has decided she isn’t quite ready. I still give her the opportunity everyday but don’t push her. She stopped trying to take the spoon after the first 2 days. Our big NICU follow up assessed the girls’ development and while both girls are meeting milestones appropriate with their adjusted age, Olivia was coming out a few weeks behind Isabelle. I don’t think I need to worry too much and I will just let her take her time and I’m sure she will be ready in the next few weeks for more food experiments.

Speaking of that NICU appointment, we met with one of the NICU doctors, then an OT. They were impressed by the girls weight gains and that Isabelle transferred a toy from one hand to the other. Of course Olivia didn’t want to show them that she could roll over and she hasn’t done it too much at home wither. It was a very long appointment and all four of us were exhausted by the end but it is nice to know where they fall developmentally speaking and what I should be expecting from them.

Our other big accomplishment was moving to cribs! I think it was harder on me than anyone else! I am still having a hard time not having them right next to our bed. We decided to go for it after our 6 month physical and the doctor said we needed to transition to help Isabelle’s flat spot. My plan was to have one of us sleep in the nursery until everyone got used to these new sleeping arrangements. We put the girls in PJs, did bottles in the living room and put them to bed. There was crying and we went in to soothe when I felt the need—not longer than 3 minutes of crying. We only had to go in 3 or 4 times between 7:30 and midnight, then once to feed Olivia later on. The next night we went in even less and Isabelle started sleeping through the night within 3 nights. Again, Olivia seems to be going backwards. She was doing so well self-soothing for naps and putting herself to sleep when I put her down. It seems to be getting harder for her to continue this trend as the nights go on. She really has to cry full out for a good 5 minutes before she will fall asleep, and I hate that. It is really tough to listen to when I am in bed across the hall and don’t have anything else to distract me. She has also woken her sister up a time or two. Last night was a little better in the 7:30-midnight timeframe but then I fed her not once but twice between 12 and 6 at which times she took full 4 oz bottles. I am having trouble knowing when to soothe her back to sleep and when to feed her.  But hey, they have spent nights in their cribs for a week now and we packed away the rock n plays.

The girls still get fussy when Daddy get home and have had some more demanding days with Mommy as well. They do not like to be put down or left in one activity center for too long. I am looking forward to the girls being able to sit up and play with a toy. That will make it easier to play outside on a blanket or pack n play. It will also be nice to start some play activities with them in their high chairs. I tried water for splashing but they aren’t there yet. What they do like is tissue paper. We discovered this while at their doctors’ appointments—they tear it, roll in it and crinkle the paper in their hands. Just have to watch so that it doesn’t end up in their mouths. I so don’t want to rush these days because I know they are only little once, but it has been a long 6 months juggling two very demanding and fussy babies. I look forward to toddler snuggles and belly laughs.

We also had an interesting first Easter with a sick Daddy. We all went to Hubby’s dad’s the night before Easter and the girls wouldn’t let his dad come near them, let alone hold them. This is an ongoing trend and I wonder if it is the smell of smoke or his intensity. I am not sure how to tell them to take it down a notch. The setting is very loud with the barking dog and high pitched excited baby talk voices. I think the girls just aren’t used to that level of intensity. On Easter day, the girls and I made the trip to my brothers and they had a full day of family snuggles! They had no problems with anyone there. More on this another day…


Now for a quick 6 month update for each girl…


Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz…a week later she was just shy of 17

Height:24 ½ inches

Head: 16 ½ inches


6 ounce bottles of Soy formula every 3 hours. Oatmeal after breakfast bottle and orange veggie after 5 pm bottle. This girl loves her orange veggies!!!

Sleep: Sleeps through the night from 7:30 pm until 6:30AM J

Things to remember:

Sucking on her fingers and hands (no teeth yet though)

Bath time with Mommy

Watching TV (bad I know! I’ve had to turn it off)

So close to rolling over!

Getting into her car seat has gotten oh so much better! I can even stop the car without crying!

Found her feet!

Hair is starting to slowly grow back! It is like a fuzzy little duckling!



Weight :14 lbs 2 oz

Height: 23 ¾ inches

Head: 16 ¼


4 ounces of Similac Advanced formula (just switched over from Neosure) every 3 -4 hours.


30 minute naps every 2 hours ( can sleep for 4 hours if I let her sleep in her car seat or Boppy)

Bedtime is 7:30 but wakes up every few hours and takes 1-2 feedings and is up between 5 and 6:30

Things to remember:

Bath time and car seats have gotten better but she still doesn’t relax in the tub.

Can roll from back to belly

LOVES her doorway bouncy swing and can bounce for a good 45 minutes

Likes to chat after she eats

Loves being held up high by Daddy and flown around.

Likes to stand up! She is so strong and really only needs help balancing.

Hair is starting to grow back!

We are looking forward to seeing some leaves and colorful flowers in the coming weeks! Maybe some summer hikes and beach trips and more time out on the deck!





Monitor Help

Now that we are having the girls spend more sleeping time in their own rooms, we are going to need to purchase those baby monitors. Right now we have an Angel Eyes camera that we can see on our tablet or Hubby’s phone. It only has 1 camera and we have been using it more so that he can get a girls fix while he is at work. I moved it to the nursery for nap time until I realized that the girls needed their rain sound app playing…from the tablet. The next problem, I am out of space on my phone- which is ridiculous because I hardly have anything on it but I don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on a new phone.

So here is what I want…

a camera system with 2 cameras and a handheld monitor (not my own device) with good battery life.

Ability to move the camera remotely

Good picture at night

Maybe the ability to talk to them through it–not a necessity though.

So what cameras are people using for multiples? Suggestions needed. 🙂