9 weeks

Due Date:  December 15, 2016

How far along: 9 weeks

Babies are the size of: grapes! About an each long each!

Maternity clothes: Not sure if I am bloated or a belly is starting to push out the belly I already have- That being said, I think I will go pick out a few pieces for work this weekend. Maybe some capris and leggings maybe even some short sleeve shirts that won’t be so form fitting.

Stretch marks: No new ones

Symptoms: Tired! There have been a few nights this week that it was tough to drive home because I was so exhausted. I promptly lay down on the couch and take a nap until bed. My stomach has been unsettled a few times, but if I graze throughout the day I seem to be fine. The gas is sticking with me and my hips are starting to hurt along with my breasts.

Sleep: I’m still up every 2 hours or so to pee. I am loving the pregnancy pillow I got because I am a stomach sleeper. It is helping me to stay on my side, even though I would prefer my right side to my left…sigh.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On but watching them closely. I want to make sure I take them off before they get stuck on there.

Movement: Not yet, just the occasional cramps.

Food cravings: ice cream with cherry pie filling, carrots with dip and a chicken sandwich with guacamole and cheese…it’s been an interesting week of cravings.

Anything make you sick or queasy: The smell of cut grass really bothered me at work the other day. It smelled like  fish to me after they mowed right outside our classroom window…my kids thought I was nuts.

Miss anything: Sushi, iced coffee and meat cooked medium instead of well done.

Labor signs: Hopefully not for another 7 months

Mood: I’m more impatient at work, especially at the end of the day. I also yelled at Hubby last weekend for mentioning weight. Other than those few occurrences, I am happy most of the time! I will admit to having a few Holy Crap how will we handle 2 babies moments, but they pass quickly!

Boy or girl: I am starting to think one of each but no real instincts on the matter.

Best moment of the week: Getting my first Mother’s Day cards and gifts last weekend! Hubby got me a tripod for my camera to take tons of baby pictures and my mom got me a card and necklace.

Looking forward to: Going baby browsing this weekend, which will include a bit of maternity shopping for me! Oh and our 10 week ultrasound next Friday with our regular Doctor! I can’t wait to see my little C babies again!!

Purchases for babies: Nothing yet, but that may change this weekend.

Purchases for mom: Nothing yet

On a side note, we got the okay to stop the estrogen patches after our 8 week visit. I asked the nurse if she was sure. Duh, of course she wouldn’t tell me if it wasn’t okay! But still, I was hesitant to stop any medication that was helping my little ones. She said that it was okay to drop down to one and wean myself off…so a week later and I am still on one. Anyone else have this anxiety when they told you to stop a medication? I know it is probably fine, since my levels were high enough to show that my body was taking over but still. I can’t stop! I am sure I will have the same fear on June 3rd when I am due to stop the PIO shots! Who knew I would rather keep torturing myself with hormones and needles!



PIO shots and 4 days until transfer

Today is one of those rainy, stay inside and cook something comforting for dinner days. Hubby is sleeping and I have a cat on my lap who really wants to be on the laptop because that’s where my hands are and how dare my hands do anything other than pet her? The past few days have brought us closer to our next transfer date and everything is good to go. My monitoring appointments are pretty predictable…great blood work results and a 10 triple layer lining. Everything always looks great, so why am I not pregnant yet? This gets me to worrying about egg quality. I know that even with the best conditions, you only have a 50/50 chance of it working each time so the first time was a chemical, the second was a plain old bust and now we are onto number 3. Shouldn’t the odds be in my favor this go round? We are transferring 2 lovely 5 day blasts. Each one has their own shot at taking, and an increased chance of them both implanting. I would be over the moon if we get to meet them both! Then we will have siblings right off the bat and going through IVF again later will be optional, should we want to go for 3. 2 has always been my minimum.

Acupuncture has been going well, I have been 3 times in 2 weeks. It doesn’t hurt but I have no idea if it is doing anything for my uterus. I really did try to take the herbs, but my gag reflex was just not having it. I wouldn’t say that I am dying to go back for more treatments, but should it work I will keep it up.

Then it was onto bigger needles. PIO shots started on Thursday night. I was so worked up over the size of the needles that I was expecting the worst. Hubby got it ready and I assumed the position face down on our bed. Before he came in I iced the shit out of the sharpie drawn target on hip number 1. I always thought these were given in the rear end, but the targets that my nurse so nicely drew on me are definitely more in the hip area. So hip number one was prepped, numb and ready to go. Hubby is a pro at sticking me with needles now so he did a great job and while I felt a pinch, it was manageable. I could keep talking to him while he pushed the meds.  We immediately put my hot pack on the injection site and massaged the oil to get it moving. “That wasn’t so bad”, I thought …I can do this nightly without a problem. My hip didn’t even hurt the next day.

Then came night 2. We performed the same ritual but switched to the other hip. I don’t know if it was how I was laying, or how hubby was positioned over me but this one hurt…a lot. It felt so much closer to my hip bone and there were tears. Even after he took the needle out, it still hurt. Even with the heat and massage, it still hurt. Laying on my right hip was not happening and I am still sore this morning.

So we have been at this for 2 nights, one was great and the other sucked. Tonight will be the tie breaker. I am hoping Hubby just needs to perfect his stabbing my in the ass technique and we will be back to the no big deal shot of night 1. If not, this is going to be a long few weeks.

On the upside, I have 1 minute of pain a day and that is it. No more progesterone suppositories, or the mess that goes with them. I also feel much better about  intimacy with the Hubby, because let’s be honest, nobody is going to feel “in the mood” with stuff leaking. So there’s that and to me that is enough of a reason to switch to the PIO even though they are a PITA.

Tuesday should be here before we know it! I am taking today as a day to relax at home- apparently that includes grocery shopping, cooking dinner  and probably some dishes or bathroom cleaning thrown in… Somebody should tell this to hubby who  goes to bed while I am lounging in the living room before breakfast and wakes up to me lounging while dinner cooks. I am not sure he understands that I get shit done around here while he is passed out! Just between the hours of 11 and 3!  Good thing he reads this blog so now he knows!

So relax today, hang out with hubby tomorrow, Easter at my mom’s on Sunday (always an experience), one day of work then 2 little loves come home with us! I am again taking 2 days off of work to let them get cozy without any stress. I have high hopes for this transfer, since we have changed our protocol. I am praying that they both stick with us and I finally get a good strong Beta! We are so ready for our little Christmas miracles- which they would be joining us just in time for if they go full term!