And we have a plan!

nov 5

Well friends, our IVF meeting was not at all what I expected. I woke up anxious. I had taken the day off and was hoping to sleep in since our meeting was not until 11:40. My body obviously had other plans since I woke up at my normal 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Once I got up and moved to the living room, I enjoyed watching Good Morning America, which I never get to watch as it starts right as I am leaving for work. Normally I enjoy a good lazy morning. Today I was just fidgety. I was excited to take this step forward in the IVF process. I was looking forward to what our RE would have to say, and I was especially happy to finally get a plan of action. We left around 10:30 to get there the 20 minutes early that they asked for. Hubby wanted to take the stairs and I just wanted to go up the three stories via elevator. And thus started the downward spiral. He couldn’t just stick with me on this one? I was anxious enough without working up a sweat on the way up. Not to mention the eve r present possibility of an exam after working up said sweat. Yuck. We made it up at the same time and went to check in. I turned around and Hubby was nowhere to be seen. He had decided to sit on the other side of the giant waiting room. The side for another medical practice and as far away from the door my nurse would call us in through. Why must he be difficult today? A day when my anxiety is already on the upswing? I sat on the right side and he finally gave up and came over. Sorry he could not see the potential mass murderer should he decided to take us all out from the hallway or the gun wielding lunatic that may walk in the door. Sometimes I wonder if he really gets how this process affects me and how I need him to just stick with me. Especially at appointments!

Our appointment was at 11:40. The receptionist made mention of my Dr. running notoriously a few minutes late. What else would you expect going to a doctor’s office right? So we made ourselves comfy and waited. And waited. 30 minutes later we were still waiting. I was about to go check with the receptionist when the nurse finally called us. Imagine my surprise when she brought us to an exam room. When I asked she said that the doctor still wasn’t ready for us, but we could wait here. Ugh! What kind of move was that? They have been waiting 30 minutes so let’s move them to a new room to wait and hope they won’t notice that despite the change in scenery their wicked late doctor is still not ready. Hubby wanted to touch every piece of machinery and open every cabinet door. In my mood, that did not sit well. I felt like I had brought a child with me instead of a full grown man. I was probably snapping at him more than I should have been but geesh, just notice my mood and adjust accordingly!

Almost an hour after our scheduled time, the doctor finally summoned us to her office where she left us again for a few minutes. When we finally started I felt so rushed. I know that she was running late but I wanted to feel like a priority while talking to her. I always have felt taken care of with this office until today. It basically went like this…

Dr.” so you went to the overview class?”
Me: “yes”
Dr. “do you have any questions about what IVF is all about”
Me: “not really, I have thoroughly researched it on my own”. “ I do have a few questions about PCOS and hyper stimulation…”

Basically she said that I am at a heightened risk of this happening. She also expects a high number of eggs, though she predicts that not all will be mature. We talked about how if I do hyper stimulate, they will take the eggs, fertilize them and freeze them for the following month, when we will do a frozen transfer.

Then there was a round of sign this, and this and this before we talked about how many eggs to transfer. She explained that our insurance requires 1 embryo transfers for the first 2 IVFs. Well that took care of that decision, though I did tell her that if it takes more than 2 IVFs that I will be putting 2 embryos back in on the third go round. We consented to knowing the risks, the taking and transferring of embryos and the fact that our embryos that will be frozen are legally both of ours and nothing can be done with or to them without both of our consent.

I think she was ready to end the meeting there but I wanted to know my protocol and what I would be doing between now and our January start date. So here is the plan…

• If I get a negative HPT next Wednesday I will stop progesterone support and wait for my day 1
• On day 1 I will call in to start the pre-approval process between my RE and our insurance and begin Birth Control pills.
• I will remain on BCP, taking the active pills only until late December. (Yay for no holiday period)
• Just after Christmas I will start Lupron and overlap with the BCP for 4 days. I will then get my period.
• Baseline ultrasound and blood tests will be done as I continue Lupron
• If all looks good I will begin my Gonadotropins to begin stimulating follicle production and decrease Lurpon. We will also both start antibiotics.
• I will be monitored for 7-10 days before we hopefully trigger with hCG
• 36 hours later we will go in for retrieval
• Finally, as long as I am not hyper stimulating we will have a 5 day transfer.

We plan to start the cycle just after Christmas so I think we are looking at a retrieval and transfer around the week of January 18th.

Despite feeling ridiculously rushed through our appointment, I was comforted by her confidence. The medicated cycles only gave us a 10-15% chance of conceiving. She told us that IVF works for PCOS patients and most are pregnant within the first 3 cycles. That would, if everything goes right and there are no delays, that we will have an October, November or December baby. A baby by next Christmas!

While I was grumpy about the speed at which we were shuffled out of the office, I was feeling confident and hopeful. Until Hubby and I got into an argument on the way to the car over both hearing different answers to a question Hubby asked. I don’t know why he has been so snappy and quick to argue the last 2 days or so but that was not a fun end to our visit. I think that sometimes I turn on my teacher voice when I disagree with him and he takes it as an attack. I never hear it that way, maybe because it isn’t meant that way. Whatever the case may be- that sucked. Even when I intentionally made my voice very calm and quiet, he was jumping down my throat. All I asked was “what was your question again”. That’s it. We don’t argue that often and I was really upset and hurt that we did today after such good news.

Anyways, we are back to normal and all tucked in at home now. I finally get to start penciling things into my calendar as I await peeing on a stick next Wednesday. Who knows, maybe those consent forms will not even be needed, but if we get another negative, I don’t think it will sting as badly knowing what are chances are in the next step.