Officially PUPO!

We are officially PUPO! One beautiful 5 day blastocyst was transferred back to me this morning. The last we heard of our babies was on Saturday for our day 3 report. All six were going strong. We were told to be at the surgery center at 11:20 for our 11:40 transfer. The only reason they would call would be if we had nothing to transfer. I begged my phone not to ring. I stayed in bed until Hubby came home from work and worried over my still sore mid section. Would this discomfort cause me to have a freeze all? I tried to lay down for as long as possible. But alas, we had to get ready to go. I kept on schedule with the prometrium (felt pretty gross about that and people being all up in that area.) and changed my estrogen patches. I did as I was told and emptied my bladder right before we left and filled up my water bottle with 8 ounces to drink before we got there. Nobody called, so we were on the road.

I always like to get places early and I am glad we did because there was no parking! We had to park over in front of the labor and delivery building…I’ll take that as a good sign. I figured we could relax for a few minutes and I could sip my water. That was until my phone rang. Would they really wait until 30 minutes before transfer to call and cancel? I’m sure a look of panic passed over my face. It was the IVF unit, they were wondering where I was. What?? They said to be in at 11:20 and it was only 10 after. She told me that the nurses were getting ansty. Seriously? I was just doing what I was instructed to do. But hey, sure we are just sitting in the parking lot so in we went. I guzzled the last of the water as we braved the Arctic blast that decided to come along today.

Hubby and I were directed to our cubicle. I stripped from the waist down and donned my beautiful gown, socks and hair net while hubby got to put on scrubs! So glad I got a picture of that. The nurse asked if I had a full bladder..It was getting there. Then asked if I wanted to use the bathroom.. What now? Wasn’t the point to have a full bladder? Why would I empty it? I declined because it wasn’t uncomfortable and she asked if I wanted more to drink. I was so confused. I just passed on all options and hopped up on the gurney. My doctor came in to go over things with us, and I was very happy it was my doctor and not another in the practice. It just made me feel better. Then we started rolling. After the first set of doors I saw my ultrasound tech, Amy! I just about started crying then! She had done every single one of my ultrasounds in the past 9 months. It just made me happy to see her there for this one! Into the OR we went, Hubby trailing along after the bed. I got wrapped in heated blankets and felt all cozy. The lab nurse came in to make sure I was me and that they were giving us the right baby. She also informed us that we had 3 blastocysts already frozen and that it was tough to pick out the best of the four! Yay! 4 of the six were perfectly perfect! They are keeping the remaining 2 for another day to see if they keep going, but she wasn’t too optimistic. I am beyond thrilled with 3 frozen perfect embryos!
Then came my favorite part…the picture! A perfectly beautiful picture of our embryo. Of course I started crying! We made that! And now it was going to be put back inside of me and hopefully grow to become our child! Yep, this was my favorite part!

Finally it was time to get into position…legs up, speculum in…speculum readjusted, cotton swabs to clean the way. Finally the catheter was placed in and there was some pretty serious pressure from the ultrasound ( I finally got the outside one!) That is when I realized just how sore my poor ovaries still are. Even Amy said that they were definitely puffy. With that, we were ready for the embryo. “Ready the spaghetti” is what the nurse said, to which my hubby replied “the spaghetti is ready” oh boy, I was with a bunch of comedians here. In came the catheter which held our Little. We watched on the screen as they found the perfect spot, and out it came, like a little shooting star. The lab nurse took the catheter back to make sure it was empty. Our little one was definitely back where it belongs.


The white line in the middle of the blackest space is our little shooting star!

I got to lay in those heated blankets for 20 minutes before they let me get up. Hubby went to get the car (what a great hubby!) and we were off to lunch at the Panera where we first met.
Now that I am home, I am enjoying a relaxing day cozied up by the fire, Pinteresting all things baby! Hubby and I are both taking sick days tomorrow, just to take a breather. I want to have another day of no stress before I go back to work, which is pretty darn stressful. It also doesn’t hurt that I am getting out of a training that I really didn’t want to do. What I want is to give this Little One the best shot I can. If it means playing hooky to give it time to implant and make itself at home, that is what I am going to do—guilt free! Now comes the long 9 day wait to find out if this being that I already love is going to stick with us!