More appointments

Well, here I am in my last week of summer vacation. How did it go by that fast? Back in June, I remember thinking that we will get pregnant this summer for sure. Yeah…no. We are on month 4 of actually ovulating which, I guess when you think of it as only trying for 4 months isn’t so bad. I know perfectly fertile women who take that long or longer to get pregnant. I am feeling pretty good about this month. I don’t know what brought about this optimism, but I’m glad I am feeling it. We had a beautiful follie, triggered and tried every day through my fertile window. I have been eating some pineapple- which, is yummy and healthy even if it’s link to implantation is a myth. I’ve been trying to stay active this week but I still need to work on drinking more water. So that’s where we are with our wait. Like every month, I looked up our potential due date (May 15th). It seems so far away. But I do this every month and then those due dates slip through my fingers. I am due to test on the first day of school. Imagine going into work and keeping that little tid bit a secret until I could get home and tell Hubby.

Aside from waiting I went to my Primary Care Dr. yesterday regarding my liver results. He really has a way of making me feel uninformed and question myself. When I told him that my RE instructed me to follow up with him he asked if they had said anything about the drugs I am taking causing this. Uh…no not really. They pulled me off of the Metformin but they never mentioned the Letrozole having side effects on the liver. You would think they would have if there was a connection. He looked it up ( he really had no idea what these drugs were that I was spouting off like a pro) and what do you know- increased liver scores is a side effect. The concerning part is that I had slightly elevated results before going on the Letrozole. Clomid, which I was on when I had the original blood work done does not seem to effect the liver. So along with the Letrozole side effects we are looking into Hep C and Hep B, both of which I tested negative for in the past and neither of which I think I have, but we will test again anyways or a fatty liver. So we are on a quest to figure this out before school starts next week. I had blood drawn again yesterday (what’s new right?) I feel like a human pin cushion. Friday we are back to the local hospital to have an ultrasound on my liver to see how fatty it is- or if there is anything else to be concerned about.

I have had more blood drawn, ultrasounds, medications and injections in the past 6 months than my whole life combined up to this point. It is a lot to deal with. Somehow this process has just become part of everyday life. The monthly excitement at actually making a follicle and releasing an egg- followed by the gut wrenching disappointment that, despite doing everything right- we failed again. We have had 13 months of disappointing pregnancy tests. And yet we keep going. I have to believe that this will work eventually. That everything we are going through—all of the bruises and side effects will be worth it when we hold our baby. So onto my last week of summer- tests and hospitals will not bring me down! I plan to enjoy the next 7 days to the fullest, imagining a baby is taking up residence in my oh so ready uterus. 🙂



The good news keeps on coming this month. While sitting in the teachers’ lounge for lunch- I got a phone call from my nurse at the RE’s office. Yesterday I had my day 21 progesterone test and I was not really sure what to expect. I was fairly certain I ovulated last Friday night or Saturday morning(day 14 and about 36 hours after trigger shot). I was sore all day, and felt a jarring pain if I sat down too hard. I was hopeful that this blood work would show better numbers than my all too familiar .4 .

“Your blood work shows that you ovulated” SAY WHAT?!?!

With my head basically stuck out the window for a shred of privacy, I asked her what my numbers were. 12. From a .4 to a 12. We finally found a combination that works! Of course I forget what she said when I asked what the lowest number is that would indicate ovulation. So if anyone knows, do share. But long story short—I ovulated!! I know that all this means is that we leveled the playing field as long as there are no other problems. We have the same 20% chance as others. Though when I think about it, I can’t fathom it not working this month. We did everything right—BDing on days 11, 12, 13, 14. We know within 12 or so hours when I ovulated. So with 4 days worth of swimmers being “on board” at that time, and probably 2 eggs releasing, how could conception not happen? And don’t get me wrong, I know there is still a 20% chance no matter how many things go right. But my head can’t wrap itself around the idea that it didn’t work. Of course I am happy just to find something that works—and will work again next month if we don’t have success this cycle.

So at 7 DPO here is what I am feeling:
Not severe but uncomfortable. They are actually feeling like both ovaries are sore. Some have been rather stabbing in nature.

Back ache:
Yesterday my lower back was sore, right in my hips—mainly on the right.

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I had a massive headache.

Holy moly this is not fun! I have been noticing this for the past few days, today it lasted most of the day.

You can skip this if it is TMI—just go on down to the next one— For the past 4 or 5 days, my CM has been heavy and lotion like.

I know that it is early for any “symptoms” as there has been no nausea, food aversions, tender breasts etc. I also know that most of what I have felt could be attributed to other things but what about those cramps? It’s too early for it to be AF.

So that is where we are, solidly in the middle of our 2WW. There will be no early testing because the trigger can still give a false positive. So we will wait because that is all we can do.