Another beautiful Follie

Today is a much better day. Having to get up for my day 12 US will hopefully put me back on the right track for school. I read until 1:30 AM (oops) and got up at 6 and was at the RE’s office by 8. The wait was a bit longer than normal, perhaps because I was there a bit earlier and was in the rush of women trying to make it to work. Still, there was nobody there when I arrived and 2 came after me. The lovely nurse who I chat with about good restaurants in my neck of the woods ushered me in and we got down to business. Lose the pants, hop on the table and wait for my ultrasound pro to make her entrance. I really do like her, she makes me feel confident in what we are doing. She was a bit more subdued today, and said how frustrating it is when she can’t tell her patients exactly why they aren’t getting pregnant even when everything looks perfect. This would be the case with me.

Since taking the Letrozole, I have been pretty consistent with my lining and follicle production. This month was no exception. I am very happy with what has been going on in my body this month. My right ovary has grown 1 follicle measuring in at 21! Did a little happy dance when I heard that. I also have a triple layer lining measuring at 8mm.

I feel confident this month! This is the best size we have had since our first successful round, and I just had my HSG done. They say that your likelyhood of becoming pregnant after that is slightly elevated. Whether this is fact or myth, I am going to go with it and feel hopeful.

I asked for all of my liver function results for my PC appointment next Monday, and was told that this is pretty common when going through these treatments. Why couldn’t they have told me that on Tuesday? So I am sure I am in for more blood work and tests, but I am fairly confident that the elevated levels are due to the medication I am on and not some massive underlying illness.

But first we will deal with tonight, we will trigger with the Novarel and get some baby making in over the next few days. Then the waiting game is on. Maybe it will go by faster with the distraction of school starting again. I can only hope!