Retrieval Day


I’m Home! I am not entirely sure how coherent this post will be as I am still pretty foggy feeling.
Today was retrieval day. Hubby was able to get out of work at 5AM and we were on the snowy roads by 6:45. I am just glad that the snow stopped falling overnight- it would have been just our luck to battle snow on such an important day. I was really thirsty but wasn’t allowed to eat or drink from midnight on. We made it with time to spare, which significantly cut down on my anxiety. We shared some nice moments together just sitting in the car discussing what we were embarking on and having a good car therapy session. It was a nice way to start the process. We checked in and were sent to the IVF lab. The nurses set me up in my little space, separated by a half wall and curtains. I traded my clothes for a gown and had to take off my wedding rings which I am not a fan of. Nurses came and went, asking us questions, taking my temperature (high at 100) and my blood pressure (low). Actually, the blood pressure machine was acting up and I ended up having it taken 5 or 6 times. While the nurses were nice, they seemed a little absent minded. The flitted in and out looking for pens they put down, trying to figure out how to turn monitors on and off and they forgot to put my bracelet on and start my IV. Hubby and I exchanged a few eye rolls. I didn’t have any good veins in my hand so my IV went on the inside of my elbow. I had to cover my arm with a blanket so I couldn’t see it because it kind of freaked me out – I have never had an IV.
We then got a visit from the OR nurse, the Dr. and finally the anesthesiologist. By about 9:15 they were walking me into the OR. Hubby was on his way to do his part and we were on our way. I remember the OR being chilly. They had me lay on the table, adjust my bottom and have my arms strapped down. I was a huge fan of the heated blankets they layered on me! Felt like the spa! The anesthesiologist put heart monitors and a blood pressure cuff on while the nurse put my legs in the padded and very comfortable stirrups. They started asking if I was tired…nope. A few minutes would pass and they would ask again…still no. Then I started having trouble focusing on all of those ceiling lights. Next thing you know I was being rolled back to my Hubby. I could hear their questions and nod my head but couldn’t talk or open my eyes. I also had tears rolling down my face. Apparently anesthesia has this effect. I just wanted my husband to hold my hand. I guess the nurse saw me flexing my hand and told him that I was probably trying to hold his. Thanks nurse for translating! It took a good 20 minutes for me to open my eyes. When I did I was definitely in a good amount of pain. I was expecting cramping but was feeling a constant pain across my midsection. Thank goodness for the heated blanket they had but right on that area. My first question was “how many did they get?” Hubby didn’t know yet. They let me wake up some more before giving me saltines and ginger ale. I was starving!
As we relaxed there a woman from the lab came to report our numbers.
They got 12 eggs!
I was thinking they would get more, but am happy with 12. Some look small so we do not know how many are mature yet. We will get a call tomorrow morning with our fertilization report. I am hoping for at least 10, but am prepared for less. When I asked her if there were any indicators of OHSS she said that she felt good that I wouldn’t have an issue. While I had high follicle numbers, my estrogen wasn’t off the charts which is when they worry about OHSS.
After our report I had to prove that I could get up and walk. I felt woozy but could do it with support. IV came out, clothes went back on and we were on our way to Panera for a bagel, Starbucks for a coffee and the pharmacy for pain killers. It was extremely uncomfortable sitting in the car, any bump was torture and getting out caused a tear or two. We finally made it home, I took my pills and miralex for the impending constipation and got set up on the couch with heating pads and Gatorade. I took this time to put in for a sick day tomorrow just to recover a bit more.
The meds are starting to kick in, I am watching The Kitchen and snuggling with my cats (They were my cats 4 years ago and have been living with my mom since I moved in with Hubby since he isn’t a fan of litter boxes and fur. She is on vacation so I get them for the next 10 days). I can’t wait for our report tomorrow and the updates this weekend!
We are on track for a Monday transfer and I am currently on track for a nice long nap!