Trigger Night!

Tonight is the night! We are finally able to trigger! That lines us up with a Wednesday retrieval and Monday transfer. I am ready to have some relief to the fullness and occasional pain that has been increasing by the day! I am praying that OHSS will not be an issue for me at that we can do a fresh transfer next Monday. I am like a kid awaiting Christmas Day! I want to know how many they get, how many are mature, how many fertilize and how they grow. I want to know each and every thing I can about these future Little Cs that I have watched grow over the past 10 days and have grown attached to.
After doubling my Menopur dose from Wednesday through Sunday, my follicles had quite a growth spurt. When I last went in on Friday, we were looking at 11’s and 12s mostly.

Here are today’s results:
Right: 18.5, 18.5, 16, 15.5, 15, 14.5, 14, 14, 11, 11 and many under 10

Left: 20, 19, 17.5, 17, 16.5, 13.5,13, 13 and 10 small ones

My right ovary really picked up the pace this weekend!
That makes 18 total follicles that are mature and ready to be plucked!
My lining is layered and full…ready for one of those Littles to implant and get cozy for the next 9 months.

Here is the plan. We will Trigger tonight at 9:00. Then I am finally shot free! We have to be in the Surgery Center Wednesday morning at 8:00AM. I am going to be constantly double checking that. I have a fear of writing information down wrong. Was is surgery at 8 and be there at 7? Then I remember that it is 36 hours after Trigger- that would be a 9AM retrieval. I might just call to triple check. I really can’t fully explain how excited I am for this to finally happen! I am also ready to be able to sleep on my stomach, bend over and not constantly feel like I have to pee…until I have the exact same symptoms due to pregnancy. That I will be more than happy to deal with. But this week, I am ready. Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and that we are able to transfer one perfect Little on Monday.


Another Follicle and IVF Conversation

I was feeling anxious for today’s follicle check. I was afraid my body would not get back in gear after last month. Hubby had today off so he got to come with me. I am so glad he did because we had a good conversation with the nurse on where we would go should I not get pregnant in the next 2 months. Hubby had said that we should just stay with the Letrozole since it worked, meaning we achieved a positive pregnancy test last month. If you have been able to keep up with this journey, last month was our 4th successful medicated cycle- meaning I ovulated. Our insurance requires 6 ovulatory cycles before moving to any more invasive procedures. I was not sure where I stood on the issue. I have been on some sort of ovulation inducing medication for almost 9 months and if you had asked me last month, I was ready for what came next. Then I got pregnant and I wavered—maybe we should keep doing what we are doing for a few more cycles. So I went into today’s appointment wanting a clear plan just in case this cycle and the next don’t work.

First, I will let you know that my body picked itself right back up. Triple layer lining and a 17mm follicle (almost 18). I also had an 11 but don’t think that will grow to be a contender this month. So we will let the one grow for another 24 hours and trigger tomorrow night. So that was good.

I finally asked what would come next should the next two cycles not take. Would we continue with Letrozole? Our lovely nurse very firmly said no. I assumed this meant we would move onto IUI, but this was not the case. Because my insurance covers IUI and IVF they will move straight to an IVF. Her reasoning for this made sense- the more scientific and advanced the procedures are the better chances you have. She gave us the stats of 8% success (with my conditions) for IUI and 40% with IVF. Basically, why waste the time and money on IUI when my insurance would cover IVF right away. Hubby was skeptical, but I think after she explained it to us a second time (probably after seeing the confusion on our faces) he understood the theory behind that thinking.

Because I don’t ovulate on my own, this would also give us a chance to collect many more eggs to freeze for use years down the line. I hadn’t really given this much thought, but should we want another baby in say-3 or 4 years I will be 33 or 34. The eggs that they implant will be 30 year old eggs, healthier and younger than ones that they would harvest in a few years. That is a plus.

I still can’t believe we started talking about IVF today. We discussed going to the IVF class that is mandatory and the blood work that hubby needed to do- which he did right after we left, so check that off the list! Should this cycle not work, we will plan our IVF cycle on my next visit and get things rolling so that if that month doesn’t work either we are on track and won’t lose any time. I asked if there was a certain weight that I needed to be to go forward with IVF because I have read that on other blogs. She told me that while there is no guideline, and that they would do IVF at my current weight that trying to lose 5% is a good goal overall. I also don’t know if I will have to go on BCP as I have read others do. My cycles are pretty controlled with medication so I am hoping that takes that waiting game out of the process and we can jump right in. It may sound like I am jumping the gun and assuming that the next two rounds will fail. That’s not the case. I am hopeful that this round works. I would be beyond elated! But I need a plan. I feel like, should this cycle turn out with a negative that I will not be as disappointed because we are moving to a method with better results in 1 more cycle. Of course the time I will need for appointments will take some creativity with work and all, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

To make today more interesting, our friends- the ones who stole our name are in labor today. I am not feeling excited for them and that is horrible. When they had their first I wanted to go visit in the hospital and all that jazz. I have no desire to visit or send well wishes and I hope that doesn’t make me a horrible person. Sure, tell me when their Evelyn is here but I just feel indifferent, if not a little mad and jealous. Thankfully I was successfully distracted when Hubby took me to the Big E and we ate our way through the New England States without guilt. It was a good day. I am glad I took the personal day and enjoyed the first day of fall with my love! Now we get to enjoy the next few days as our nurse puts it “having romantic nights”. 