First ER visit

It’s one of those weeks where I can’t believe we are only half way through. It has been a doozy of a week. As you know, last Tuesday was our final FET. I did everything I could think of to give Frosty the best shot of implanting, acupuncture, pineapple, wearing socks and staying warm. I was trying to take it easy, lifting my kiddos one at a time rather than together and trying to even limit that. Everything was going so smoothly…until we landed in the ER on Sunday afternoon.  Our Isabelle gets slammed with the common cold every single time. Her sister may get a runny nose and cough but normally just goes about her daily playing with only a few additional snuggle sessions. Isabelle gets the same cold and, WHAM she is down for the count. It started on Friday, a runny nose slight cough. I wasn’t worried. Saturday was more of the same and she still had plenty of energy to play outside all day. It was Saturday night when she wound up sleeping in our bed because she just kept waking up and crying. Her breathing was increasing and she was tossing and turning all night until I took her out to the couch in the wee hours of the morning to sleep sitting up. No fever, nose was less runny and she wasn’t coughing much…but her breathing was concerning. We counted in the 50 breaths per minute range at first. We assumed that she had a sore throat because she refused to eat or drink anything. I was desperately trying to hydrate her with syringes of water. Our poor baby just wanted to lay in our arms. She napped on a car ride but once we got home her breathing rate was increasing and she had only had a sip or two of water in 18 hours. Our pediatrician had told during our last cold go round  to go to the ER at 70 breaths a minute but we weren’t comfortable with her condition so Hubby supported a call to the on call Dr. who sent us to the ER.

I have never gone to the ER and had no idea what to expect but worried about the horror stories of waiting for hours. I threw together a bag with jammies and snacks and her lovies should we need to stay the night and the two of us made the 45 minute drive, luckily found parking somewhat easily and made our way to the Pediatric ER. There was no wait and we were in an exam room within 5 minutes. After a brief exam we were quickly ushered back to the treatment rooms and swarmed with medical staff. My poor baby was seated in my lap on the gurney as they clocked her breaths at around 60 per minute, she also started running a fever. It was quickly decided that she needed to be on high flow oxygen. This was attached to her cheeks with tubes resting just inside of her nose. While she didn’t like this at first, she seemed to forget about it after a few minutes. She got an IV , nasal swab for RSV, chest xray and blood panels. The ER staff was fantastic. We were given an IPad to watch videos while they poked and prodded. The only glitch was the chest xray…they wanted her to sit on my lap while they did this and thankfully I said that I might be expecting. I hated leaving the room but took the chance to use the bathroom. She was a trooper. Because of the oxygen level and breathing treatments,  we were admitted to the pediatric floor and had to spend the night. Hubby and Livs made the drive up to bring some food and administer my Progesterone shot. Isabelle would not sleep in the crib so I sat all night in a very uncomfortable hospital chair/bed holding this little girl who made me a mommy. Wires were everywhere so I could really only hold her in one position and my constant need to pee made for a very uncomfortable night for me. She managed to sleep a few hours at a time. We spent all of the next day in the same chair and I was itching for updates. I wasn’t overly impressed with our experience on the peds floor. I always felt like I didn’t know what was going on or what the plan was or how we were progressing. They came in sporadically to decrease her oxygen flow, check her vitals and check in on us but I had no idea how long we would be there.  Not to mention listening to the teenager next door be violently sick every few hours. Our final diagnosis was bronchiolitis (not the same as bronchitis) or acute respiratory failure caused by a virus. Belles started getting antsy as she began feeling better and wanted to pull out her tubes. It was late afternoon when they removed her oxygen and unhooked her from wires. While she kept her IV port in at least she was able to move around and she was bouncing off the walls…nothing is child proofed by the way and my kids are fascinated by outlets. Her wheezing started returning so it was a battle to get her to settle down. I was pretty comfortable with her progress and wanted to take her home that night even though they usually observe kiddos for at least 6 hours after being removed from oxygen. Hubby came up with dinner and we talked to the doctors about letting her out after 4 hours of observation. So finally at 9pm we were walking out of the hospital and on our way home. I needed  a shower and my bed because I hadn’t slept for 2 nights at that point. Isabelle and I snuggled into my bed together and neither of us moved until after 8 the next morning.

My happy girl had to visit her pediatrician for a quick follow up where she sounded much better but was diagnosed with another ear infection…sigh… But we are now on the mend. It may take a few weeks for her to be back to normal but we are well on our way.

I hated leaving Olivia at home, it was the first time I slept away from her and I missed her terribly.  The girls definitely missed each other and were happy to see each other the next day, and still today were super snuggly. Hubby did a great job holding down the fort and staying with Livs. It was certainly a challenge for me to be where we were without Hubby being with me but we both did what we had to do for our girls.

Hopefully we won’t be repeating this past weekend again! I am so glad to be home and awaiting our first Beta tomorrow! I would be lieing if I said I wasn’t concerned that the stress and lack of self care over those few days hurt our little Frosty.  Time will tell.


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