Final FET Day

Today was the day! Our last Frozen embryo (Frosty) is safely back in my belly and home with us. If nothing else, he/she will have always come home.  All of today’s events went so smoothly, it was strange not to have any little snags or complications. I woke up early, of course and my kiddos slept in…figures! Well, Miss Olivia was up at her normal 6:45 but instead of being ready to tackle the day, she snuggled in between hubby and I and lounged for a good 40 minutes. Very unlike her! Her sister had to be awoken from her slumber at 8:00 and that my friends was no easy task! Like her mama, she is not a morning person and when she is not ready to get up and you force the issue, she is not a happy camper. At this point I was waiting anxiously for the lab to call, anxious that they would tell us our last baby didn’t survive the thaw. The phone rang at 8:32 as I was making breakfast for my crew. Frosty was thawing well and looking great! We were instructed to arrive at 11:20 for a transfer time of 11:50. I felt such relief and literally jumped up and down in my kitchen. What is great about this FET round is that I am so busy with my girls that time flies and I don’t have time to stress as much. Before we knew it we were on our way, leaving the ladies at home with my stepmom.

We arrived at the surgery center, checked in  in record time and were changing into gowns and scrubs right on time. They gave me some more water to drink even though I drank the prescribed 8 oz on the drive over. I was wheeled back, wrapped in heated blankets (one of my favorite parts!) and we were in the OR getting started. The embryologist came in to confirm our information and give us our picture of Frosty- at which point I cried a bit, especially when she said it looked great. They also did assisted hatching so our little embaby was already beginning that process. The worst part was the speculum, which was abnormally uncomfortable for me. The catheter found its perfect position right away and in came our Frosty!  We saw the little shooting star that was our 5 little one and that was it. I stayed laying down for 20 minutes and we were on our way.

Because today was also my birthday, hubby took me out to lunch where we ate way too much, then to Home Depot to get my new screen door/bday gift, then to Starbucks for a final iced coffee and finally home to my girls who were taking a very late nap. I am grateful that hubby let me relax and took over primary let the girls climb all over you care. I snuggled up in the chair and let everything relax. Sadly, I now feel like total garbage, I feel crampy and sick to my stomach and my hip is killing me. Not sure if it is stress, too much pizza and dessert or what but I am already in bed watching some HGTV. Oh, and a baby is now crying… And life goes on!

Praying for speedy pregnancy feelings, positive Betas and a January due date!


One thought on “Final FET Day

  1. Welcome home little frosty!!! Prayers that you join your perfect little family next year!!!

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