One Year Update

My little one year olds are keeping me pretty busy and yet I feel like I have more balance than I have had in the past year. This could possibly have something to do with the girls actually going to bed by 8 every night and giving me some time to relax and feel somewhat human again.  Maybe now I will have a bit more time to blog and feel more focused on what I want to write about. Maybe I will have time to actually edit a post rather than just write, post and find errors later. If I did much more than a monthly update over the past 12 months, it wasn’t much. There were always things on my mind that I wanted to vent write about- but just didn’t have the focus to put together a coherent post. So moving forward, I need to find a new direction for this blog and I am sure, with my journey in parenting twins, I won’t be at a loss for topics, it’s just a matter of deciding what my purpose is.  So there’s that.


One Year Update!

Both girls went for their one year physical the other day and got 4 vaccines each… Chicken Pox, MMR, Hepatitis and the flu vaccine. They also got finger pricks to test for lead poisoning. 4 shots to the thighs and a finger prick made for two bawling babes, a teary mom and a grandma who probably enjoyed the post shot snuggles.  Twin tip: Always bring a second person to doctors appointments, ESPECIALLY ones where shots are being given.


Height 29.5 inches

Weight 23 pounds 4 ounces

Milestones: Isabelle is crawling everywhere, standing against furniture and letting go to stand on her own, cruising and has taken 3 steps towards Mommy. She also says mamama, and many sound combinations,  shakes her head yes and no (not always meaning yes or no ) points towards objects, plays peek a boo, drinks from a straw sippy cup, eats finger food and is starting to hold her bottle.

Teething My Belles is a trooper with the teething! She has 7 teeth and may get a bit needy in the middle of the night when one is coming through but otherwise, I never know a tooth is coming in until she bites me with it. That hurts!

Personality: Belles is my snuggler. I love it. She is starting to need morning snuggles after her bottle before she is ready to get down and play. She will crawl into my lap and just sit with me, often times she brings her favorite mini book with her.  Belles is really enjoying books lately! She loves all things soft and comfy, often diving into her new giant bean bag that was a birthday gift from my brother and sister in law. That thing is amazing. She is starting to share objects with mom and dad…but not sister. That figures. She is my happy girl, unless you put her down first thing in the morning, always smiling and laughing. She also cracks me up by sleeping with her tush way up in the air and often needs to be woken up in the morning because, like her mom, she prefers to sleep in.

Odds and ends: We are slowly advancing dairy to see if she has outgrown her allergy. Because she still spits up regularly and the Culturell gives her runnier poop, it is really hard to tell if she is reacting to the dairy or if the spits and poop are otherwise explained. One day she can do just fine with yogurt or ice cream and the next day have two poopsplosions and an extra spit up. The doctor said to keep going and if it is a milk allergy we will see something definitive… That makes me a bit nervous but onwards we go.



Height: 29 inches

Weight: 19 pounds 9 ounces ( my little peanut!)

Milestones: Olivia crawls at lightning speed- So fast and hard that she has bruises on her knees and my mom got her knee pads for her birthday. She stands against furniture and lets go to stand alone, cruises and walks with her walker toy. Olivia says mamama and dadada as well as lots of other sound combinations. Olivia shakes her head no- but not in response to anything in particular. Laughs at others playing peek a boo.

Personality: Olivia always wakes up happy in the morning and doesn’t like to be still. Her smiles and laughs are becoming more frequent which is amazing! She loves watching animals and is very gentle. Olivia likes to examine and sort objects, especially outside. She wiggles like crazy while changing her diaper or getting dressed and likes to crawl into her laundry basket. Olivia likes to play with toys that she can manipulate like opening and closing a door or book  and that make noise.

Teething: Yikes! Olivia has been a bear for weeks now, not wanting me to put her down and if I do, the screaming and giant tears come out! I am going to attribute this to teething—please let that be what it is! My poor girl has been sucking on her hand for weeks and licking her lips which I think is her way of rubbing her tongue against her gums. Finally, two days after her birthday, her first tooth, on the top, broke through. I have a feeling they are all right below the surface but you can tell it hurts her.

Odds and ends: After consulting with the doctor, we are all slightly concerned that Olivia is not yet attempting to bring food, or toys or anything else for that matter to her mouth.  I just thought she needed more time as she often does things a good month after Isabelle, but the doctor says that she should have started showing this particular skill at the 9/10 month development stage and she is at the tail end of that now and has no interest in doing so.  She will play with her food and toys, has and uses her pincer grasp but just doesn’t bring anything to her mouth. We are giving it one more month before looking into OT. I am trying to help her figure this one out but when I put her hand to her mouth or put her hand on mine as I feed her she fights it. She loves her food and has no problem eating from a spoon or if I feed her pieces of solids. She loves yogurt and whatever is on our plate. Anyone go through anything similar?


I saved the sleep discussion for the end because ladies and gentlemen….they are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! It has been 3 or 4 days now and while they may fuss at night briefly I have not had to go in until morning. It is glorious! We had to do cry it out again because as much as I wanted to co sleep, doing so with twins was proving to be detrimental to all of our sleep. It is still a work in progress but things are oh so much better!  They will sleep from about 7:30 PM until 7 or 7:30 AM. They will take a 10:00 bottle and nap in their boppys on the couch with me for about an hour, then nap again on our afternoon drive for another hour. They are starting to occasionally fight their morning nap—on those days I put them in the car for a nice long nap at noon.  Next step will be napping without a bottle  as I am starting to change them over to milk, and in their cribs. Wish me luck!