Ultrasound Day

We hit the 6 week mark today! Over the past 2 days, I have been slightly queasy when my stomach is empty, have lots of gas…burping and other (sorry hubby) and tend to get tired by the middle of the day. Something new happened yesterday…I sneezed. Yep, thanks to this beautiful weather and the pollen, I sneezed twice. And it hurt! I had a stabbing pain on the right the first time, then on the left the second. I was sure I hurt whatever baby may be in there until I googled it and read that sneezing pain is usually due to round ligament pain. Okay, crisis averted.

That brings us to today. Our ultrasound was scheduled at 9:15. I was awake at 6 just waiting and overthinking everything. My symptoms come and go and overall, I feel okay. Maybe there was a baby and isn’t now. Maybe there is only one. I was terrified that we would go in and get bad news. I woke hubby up and started to make his eggs. We get fresh eggs from his mom, which are so much better than the store bought kind! I cracked the third egg and there was what I assume was blood…in the egg. I almost threw up right then. I have never seen that before! On the morning of our ultrasound it just freaked me out. So he ate Cheerios for breakfast and we were on our way.

I was stripped from the waist down and we waited for a good 15 minutes for our sonographer to come in. I told her about the sneezing pain, which she confirms is no big deal and then I tell her how nervous I am that there is nothing in there! She said that is normal for an IVFer to say and then I got reacquainted with Wanda…

Well, there was not nothing!


She asked us what we would say if she told us there were two!! Well, what I said was “shut up”! There are 2 in there!!!!! TWO as in twins! And then I bawled. After I controlled my tears we got to see the screen and I could immediately see one flickering heartbeat, then the other. 2 heartbeats!

2 babies, measuring exactly 6 weeks

Baby A had a heartrate of 113

Baby B had a heartrate of 110

Due date: December 15

I wish we had a video of the hearts beating, I think I would watch it all night.

Of course the Dr. talked about vanishing twin, and to not tell the world yet. But when I asked her if chances were good for both of them now that we have seen the hearts beating, she said yes. She just had to give us the talk about risks, but with 2 separate placentas and 2 beating hearts, things look good.

We will go back in 2 weeks to see our little Cs again! I can’t wait!


Another beautiful Follie

Today is a much better day. Having to get up for my day 12 US will hopefully put me back on the right track for school. I read until 1:30 AM (oops) and got up at 6 and was at the RE’s office by 8. The wait was a bit longer than normal, perhaps because I was there a bit earlier and was in the rush of women trying to make it to work. Still, there was nobody there when I arrived and 2 came after me. The lovely nurse who I chat with about good restaurants in my neck of the woods ushered me in and we got down to business. Lose the pants, hop on the table and wait for my ultrasound pro to make her entrance. I really do like her, she makes me feel confident in what we are doing. She was a bit more subdued today, and said how frustrating it is when she can’t tell her patients exactly why they aren’t getting pregnant even when everything looks perfect. This would be the case with me.

Since taking the Letrozole, I have been pretty consistent with my lining and follicle production. This month was no exception. I am very happy with what has been going on in my body this month. My right ovary has grown 1 follicle measuring in at 21! Did a little happy dance when I heard that. I also have a triple layer lining measuring at 8mm.

I feel confident this month! This is the best size we have had since our first successful round, and I just had my HSG done. They say that your likelyhood of becoming pregnant after that is slightly elevated. Whether this is fact or myth, I am going to go with it and feel hopeful.

I asked for all of my liver function results for my PC appointment next Monday, and was told that this is pretty common when going through these treatments. Why couldn’t they have told me that on Tuesday? So I am sure I am in for more blood work and tests, but I am fairly confident that the elevated levels are due to the medication I am on and not some massive underlying illness.

But first we will deal with tonight, we will trigger with the Novarel and get some baby making in over the next few days. Then the waiting game is on. Maybe it will go by faster with the distraction of school starting again. I can only hope!

Ultrasound and Hubby’s results

Waking up at a “normal” time was brutal this morning. I have transitioned into summer mode over the past few weeks and now waking up before 8AM is torturous. But since I had my first ultrasound- 3 months ago, that showed follicles, I am excited to go in each month to see what is going on in there! I attempted to put myself together so that I was somewhat presentable. Summer vacation usually means yoga pants a tank top and no bra—not exactly appropriate for going out in public. I was pleased that my jeans still buttoned after 3 weeks of yoga pants! That was a win considering I know going off of the Metformin has put a stop to any weight loss that was going on. So when I was actually dressed in real clothes and my hair somewhat under control despite the humidity—I made the 30 minute drive to the RE’s office. I was the only one waiting and for some reason I had to pay a co pay today when I haven’t ever had to do that for my ultrasound appointments in the past. Not sure if that is due to our insurance changing to a deductable plan or not. The receptionist seemed surprised that I was never asked to pay a co pay before. I know that I asked the first time we went for the U/S and they said no payment would be necessary. I have received bills in the mail for the past 2 ultrasounds—a grand total of 25 dollars for both combined. So paying 45 today was strange. That is something I will have to look into before next month.

So about the appointment. I know I have said this before but I love love love the woman who does the ultrasounds! I love that it is the same woman each time and that she takes the time to look over my file and remembers what we talked about last month. Going in now is a routine that I am used to. Into the stirrups I went…I have been a bit sore in the ovarian area the past few days, so I was a bit uncomfortable even though she is so gentle. It was quiet for longer than usual and I was definitely getting nervous. Finally she said gave the nurse some numbers which translated to a beautiful triple layer lining in my uterus. More silence…I was convinced that the lack of Metformin this month meant there were no follicles in there. She must have sensed my growing apprehension and told me that she was still in my uterus, giving me a complete scan since I hadn’t had one in 3 months and she just wanted to make sure all was well—it was. Onto the ovaries! As she increased the pressure, she reassured me that with such good lining, she was confident that a follicle was there. And there was 1. While there were many small follicles on my right side, none were big enough to be the stars this month. My left ovary contained 1 follicle measuring at 16. It was decided that we will let it get bigger over the next day and a half. Hubby will give me the Trigger shot tomorrow night around 9pm. 4 days later I will start the Prometrium and they are not having me go in for day 21 progesterone levels since they are confident that Letrozole makes me ovulate. So here we go again—Hubby has to perform his husbandly duties for the next 3 or 4 days and then we wait. This time, we will find out a few days before his 33rd birthday. That would be a heck of a birthday gift and I would love to give that to him along with his new laptop!

I know Hubby was pleased that I got his results when I went into the office today. As suspected, I am the only one with an issue-which is great news! His numbers were great, 62% motility when they look for anything greater than 30and as for a count, they look for greater than 20 million and he had 69 million. Way to go rock star!

Since I actually had to wake up to an alarm this morning, I think I will be staying home today. With Hubby sleeping all day,(He works the midnight shift—I will have to write a whole post on what fun that is) I will have to find something quiet to do… dishes are a must today (we don’t have a dishwasher) and I have a whole board of DIY projects on Pinterest that maybe I will prioritize before the carpet guy finally comes this evening to install the carpet on our basement stairs. It will be nice to have the basement project complete so that we can move to the next DIY project—building a deck! We are on a roll of getting this nest ready for little ones!